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Wash, Dry and Fold 

Everything in your Wash N' Fold or Plastic Bag will be spot treated, sorted by lights and darks, washed on cold, dried on medium and expertly folded before return.

Note: Items that you feel should be hung up on hangers to dry should be separated into another bag.

Simply fill the bags as full as you'd like, ensuring that the drawstrings are able to close, and you'll be charged a single flat rate per bag.


Dry Cleaning

Items that you would like dry cleaned are charged per item. They will be cleaned according to the care label and returned on hangers. 

Popular Items Include: 

Blouse                                                                                                            Starting at $6  
Polo                                                                                                                Starting at $6
Coat                                                                                                                Starting at $20
Jacket                                                                                                             Starting at $10
Shirt                                                                                                                Starting at $5
Dress                                                                                                              Starting at $12
Pants                                                                                                              Starting at $8
Sweater                                                                                                          Starting at $9
Suit - Two Piece                                                                                             Starting at $15


We know how important it is to have a good night's sleep. Here at Wash N' Fold take special care in cleaning your bedding items. All pieces are charged per piece/set. They will be treated for any stains that may be present and returned to you folded.


 Pillow (each)                                                                                                    $5
Sheets (each set)                                                                                           $10
Blanket, Comforter or Quilt (Twin)                                                                  $15
Blanket, Comforter or Quilt (Full/Queen)                                                        $20
Blanket, Comforter or Quilt (King)                                                                  $25



Commercial Laundry

We also offer commercial laundry services to Restaurants, Salons, Barbershops, Hotels and more. 
Email us at for more information on our competitive pricing.